2014 Bourgault 3710 60 ft. Disc Drill

Stock#: 21034A


  • Condition:Used
  • Stock Number:21034A


Hydraulic Mid Row Banders with Tine Closer, 10 Inch Spacing, Single Shoot, 4.5 Inch EXT Shoulder Packer, 4.5 Inch Wide Cleaner Wheel, Double Spacing Lockout, 3 Tank Metering, 591 Monitor with Auxiling Clutches, 10 Inch Deluxe Load/Unload Auger, 540/65 R-24 Front Tires, 650/75R-34 Duals, Rear Tow Hitch, Local Trade, Shedded, Good Condition. Call Ron or Mark for more details. 1-866-746-8441.